Course Content

  • Why this course is so important!

    Project management is an essential skill that can help you in a wide range of situations and develops useful skills. Project management is also a transferrable skill, so it can help you to be more desirable when you look to progress in your organisation. Successful project management skills are difficult to learn but lead to a significant advantage when implemented properly. Learning project management skills will absolute you to excel in your career.

  • During the course you will learn::

    This course delivers really immersive training for anyone managing projects now, or those who would like to. You will gain an understanding on what a project scope is and how to do so successfully, managing risks, the process of project planning including costs and timings, meeting planning and management. We will explore the different methodologies (most notably agile and waterfall) and how to manage change. Finally you will explore how to run a project end-to-end.

  • You will walk away with...

    You will take away from this course how to approach projects with confidence. You will leave with: • Developed project management skills • The ability to deliver an effective project • An understanding of how to scope a project • Knowing how to speak with the correct jargon • An Academy certificate • Unlimited access to the course content and resources as well as a new network

Lead Instructor

Senior Instructor

Lucy Chamberlain

Passionate, fun and straight-talking, Lucy has become one of the Assistant profession’s popular motivational Trainer/Coach. Over the last 20+ years Lucy has coached, trained and mentored over 15,000 Assistants! Lucy’s business journey as a Founder has seen her work as a TV presenter, Awards Judge and Leading Coach. She has won many awards including the Female Speaker’s Award for Most Engaging Speaker at the Female Speaker’s Conference in 2019. Alongside her fantastic knowledge base, Lucy’s level of experience enables her to give genuine insights into the skills needed to be an Assistant that operates as a strategic business partner, leadership, change and overcoming adversity. With a 20-year career tracking the industry’s leading recruitment companies, Lucy founded C&C Academy to redefine and elevate the Assistants training experience. Coming through a challenging personal time as a single mum, Lucy set out to re-align her career to her purpose-driven perspective, building a multi-million-pound business C&C Search that allowed her team to fulfil their own career goals. Her calling to serve more of the Assistant community drove her to then found the C&C Academy, the award-winning specialist Assistant training portal. A champion for women in business, Lucy and the C&C Academy team actively collaborate with other female-led businesses and leaders to bring a rich resource to the Academy. A mentor to her team, Lucy believes encouraging teams holistically, and nurturing happy, engaged, market-leading talent has the most impact on a company’s success. With a focus on social consciousness and legacy, it’s this foundation that serves to empower, captivate and delight C&C Academy graduates as they grow their own Assistant career. Recently awarded “Most Engaging Speaker” at the Female Speakers Conference & Awards, Lucy wishes to use her platform to encourage others to use their own voice. As a speaker, Lucy leaves an audience motivated, empowered, and armed with tools to support a life and career that serves the individual better. Lucy also provides in-house training and key-note speeches for a wide variety of businesses including Lloyds, The Crown Estate, HIG Capital, Autonomous, League of Her Own, Canary Wharf PA Club, WeWork, Arma Partners, and Miss Jones PA to name a few!