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Why this retreat is so important, what we will cover and what you will gain!

  • Why this retreat is so important!

    Come and join us for a day of transformation, connection, and the ability to set yourself up for genuine success for 2022. Let me take you on a journey to reaching the life you truly want to realise in 2022. The day will be full of connection, laughter, good food and we are based a few minutes from London's Tower Hill station - 9-5pm. The retreat will give you the tools you need to create the power passion and purpose you need to step into the life of your dreams in 2022 both for yourself and your career. We will bring together a community from all walks of life with individual talents, similar goals, objectives, and passion for life.


    Without time alone to craft intentional goals (with genuine action plans for how you'll accomplish them), it’s all too easy for life to get in the way and before we know it, yet another year has slipped by while we’ve made little to no progress on our goals. So, I guess the real question is... Are you willing to do things differently this year? If you are this day is for you! A retreat is about slowing down, escaping distractions, and devoting time to dreaming and planning for the year ahead.

  • Setting yourself up for success!

    Your one-day retreat is designed to ensure that you are set you up for maximum success for 2022. Personal preference and the amount of time you have available in your schedule. During your retreat, you’ll spend time doing both big-picture dreaming and detailed goal setting. You’ll finish your retreat with a concrete plan for achieving your biggest goals this year, whilst building a community and taking the time out for yourself that you so richly deserve.

Join us!

We can not wait to welcome you to the retreat!