Your Crew

Development Academy Membership provides professional and personal rocket fuel allowing you truly to thrive, our members step into their power and find their passion whilst discovering a true sense of purpose.

The Development Academy is a safe and secure group who are committed to learning and growth both professionally and personally. This is your crew, cheering you on, and sharing successes and challenges. The power is in the connection of likeminded individuals, a network that is stronger together.
You'll also have access to private Facebook and LinkedIn groups and the Development Academy online community to keep connected with your fellow Academy members, and for further support, resources and lives from Lucy!

Your Workshops and Coaching

Certified monthly Live Workshops, Group Coaching, and Peer Support Meetings.

Led by multi-award winning ICF Coach Lucy Chamberlain, you will be joined by professionals that are on a similar path and full of wisdom to cheer you on wherever you are on your professional and personal development journey. Every month follows a key topic that will support your transformation. Month by monthmonth your courage, competence and confidence will grow!

Monthly Group Coaching sessions and Live Workshop sessions held over Zoom, with In-Person sessions in the works for 2024!

Your Resources

Each month you will find workbooks, videos, book/podcast recommendations, resources, exclusive discounts and events to support you and so much more to keep you learning and inspired.

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  • Can I cancel my membership at any time?

    Absolutely! Cancel any time your membership is no longer useful to you

  • Will the sessions be recorded if I can not attend a live session?

    Monthly live workshops are recorded and available for the duration that you are a member. Monthly group coaching sessions are not recorded to create a safe space.

  • Do I have to contribute to the monthly workshops or coaching?

    Not at all, you can observe or contribute, entirely as feels best for you.

  • When are the live sessions?

    You will find the dates and times as well as the Zoom link to join with the resources. The Wednesday workshops are held mid month at 7pm and the live coaching at 1pm on the last Wednesday of every month.


Senior Instructor

Lucy Chamberlain

Passionate, fun, and straight-talking - Lucy has become one of the business world’s most popular motivational speakers. Over the course of her Founder journey, Lucy has worked as a TV presenter, awards judge, ICF Accredited coach and award-winning speaker. With over 20-years leading recruitment industry experience, Lucy founded C&C Search to redefine and elevate both the client and candidates’ recruitment experience. In April 2020, Lucy launched the C&C Academy, a global training platform specialising in offering CPD certified qualifications, as well as bespoke, in-house training and keynote speeches for a wide variety of businesses, including WarnerMedia, BlackRock, Sony and Impax Asset Management to name a few. Lucy offers bespoke inhouse training for organisations on a range of topics to help boost morale, help refocus teams and enhance professional development. Alongside her fantastic knowledge base, Lucy’s level of experience enables her to give genuine insights into leadership, change and overcoming adversity.

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