Why this retreat is so important, what we will cover and what you will gain!

Held at the beautiful Goodenough, London House, Mecklenburgh Square, London WC1N 2AB

  • Why this retreat is so important!

    Up-levelling is awesome, training and development rocks BUT what about you on a personal level? You are in service constantly and how can you continue to give, give, give without taking time for you? THIS is the day where you get to reset, relax and refocus. Where you leave restored, connected and with a new sense of passional and purpose. Most people attend our retreats solo and we ensure that you are made to feel entirely welcome and completely comfortable, leaving with a new network of cheerleaders! This will be by far our most impactful retreat to date held in a stunning venue. We have fifty spaces on the day only so please grab your ticket whilst you are able.

  • What you'll gain!

    Without time alone to craft intentional goals, it’s all too easy for life to get in the way and before we know it, yet another year has slipped by while we’ve made little to no progress on our goals. What will the day include? Sessions To Empower You: 1. Finding Your Voice - Raising Your Profile... 2. Impactful Influencing & Negotiating Skills... 3. Creating Powerful Business Partnerships with Your Execs and Colleagues... (Certificates supplied to all attendees) What Next? Session to create your new network: We will bring all attendees together to empower and develop an amazing network. And Then? Sessions for your well-deserved deep relaxation: We will have lots of restoration and relaxation during the day with experts leading with yin yoga, sound baths and some fun with movement.

  • Setting yourself up for success!

    The day will include three powerful sessions led by Lucy Chamberlain, ICF Coach, global speaker and an advocate for the support staff profession for over twenty years. Additionally we will be joined by three sessional leaders, Eva Lai, Charlotte Wise and Suzane Pai to take us into a deep place of relaxation...During your retreat, you’ll spend time doing both big-picture dreaming and detailed goal setting. We hope you will detach yourself from past and future concerns and be able to focus on the now, whilst building a community and taking the time out for yourself that you so richly deserve.

Join us!

We can not wait to welcome you to the retreat!